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Mai, still sitting on her bed, shifted over to her knees, removing her hands from her breasts. The pleasure continued for a few more minutes, until Mai purred, "You're making me so wet. She gently pushed Mai back down on the bed, then opened her legs. During the middle of the night, she finds herself playing host to an unexpected magical blonde guest, with comes with quite the proposition. The Dark Magician Girl hadn't been wearing panties.

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Is this the part where we scissor?

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It was a thread on a forum devoted to Duel Monsters. XXX About an hour after Mai had fallen into slumber, she slowly woke up. She thought about what she wanted to search, wondering if it was worth it, but Mai wasn't one to change her mind so easily, and decided to go for it. Mai laid down on her side next to the panting Dark Magician Girl, watching her regain her strength with a smirk. She sent a hand down to her thong, and slipped inside the drenched fabric to begin massaging herself. All in all, she was a beautifully drawn card, but that was a huge understatement when compared to a complete, head-to-toe view of her life-size hologram. Sharing a sexy look, both women began to thrust on the staff, slowly at first.

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